Saturday, December 9, 2045


Marilyn has a progressive muscle disease - Muscular Dystrophy. She makes every effort to help herself, but the needs are great. Your donation, can make a difference! 

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NOTE: makes a practice of asking for donations to their own site, but you may click Edit by the added amount to opt out.
Artwork - Please Scroll or go to Blog Archives (bottom of Home Page's Sidebar). Artwork (your choice!), is given as a "thank you" to those who give a minimum donation of $25 and request a specific art print.

This fundraiser will continue since Marilyn's needs are ongoing. 

Marilyn's CURRENT NEED is to pay off her "new" van so this will not be one more burden. Her old van had a rusted floor that was extremely unsafe, so we're grateful that this one became available at a very reasonable price through the kindness of her mechanic.

PAST donations have gone to pay off her other special needs - varied equipment.

Click here to donate online, after which you'll be taken to the donation collection site, - a site that has a trusted reputation. makes a practice of asking for donations to their own site, but you may click a choice of opting out.

To send a check instead, please email Kim for directions.       

to see the ENTIRE collection, click 2015, 2016, and 2017 links.

Please check back periodically to view added works!
Artwork is provided on this site to draw attention to this blog, give an extra incentive to donate, and be given as a thank you upon request. Exceeding the minimum donation amount is appreciated for this cause.

If you are interested in original work by any of the artists or original art commissions by Kim, please contact Kim to inquire.


ARTISTS: We are thrilled to have artists represented on this site such as Celia Blanco (Italy), Karen Duncan (USA), Sarah Harris (England), Jen Humphreys (USA), Cristina Mihailescu (USA - originally from Romania), Elizabeth Smith (USA), Alexandra Spencer (USA), and Claudia Stougard (Germany)...each generously providing some of their artwork which will be printed upon request for donors to Marilyn's Needs

Special Thanks to:
  • Alexandra Spencer for helping on several levels (see note with her art), to the point where we consider Alexandra a member of Marilyn's team.
  • Cristina Mihailescu for donating commission from her own site's gallery sales.
  • Kathy Zitek (USA), for donating an original and exquisitely created quilt-art, seen below.
Profound thanks to all! 

Contact Kim if interested in receiving artwork.

We hope you'll enjoy viewing the art collections in this site, as well as viewing the artists' own sites - just click on their name links above.

If you're an artist, please consider donating a photo for print purposes - no expense to the artist. See this Home page's sidebar for directions or email Kim.

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